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3DS XL Circle Pad Pro 3DS

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    Nintendo 3DS Circle Pad Pro XL

    The Nintendo 3DS XL grew bigger, however, you don't have to move in a clunky way. The Slide Pad is coming to the rescue. The enlarged device grew larger to accommodate the 3DS LL and inherits all the functions from its smaller, older brother and needs just one AAA battery to work. Make sure that the Slide Pad and the console are fitted properly with each other for a seamless connection. You won't belief how much fun one more analogue stick provide. Optimize your hunting and shooting results with this device. Sometimes, being able to control the camera manually and aim the gun with your thumb do wonders for your survival rates.

    The player uses his Circle Pad Pro by slotting his Nintendo 3DS console into the accessory; the console will then recognise the accessory via infrared transceiver.

    The new accessory allows some Nintendo 3DS software titles to be played more efficiently and comfortably by the use of the new Right Circle Pad (for example, games that are "twin-stick shooters"), as well as offering new features via the new shoulder buttons (depending on software). It is powered by one AAA Battery.

    This can be used in conjunction with the following( 3ds) games :

    Monster Hunter

    Dead or Alive

    Kid Icarus

    Resident Evil

    Kingdom Hearts

    Metal Gear Solid

    Samarai Warriors

    New right circle pad

    New ZR and ZL buttons as triggers on the shoulders

    Uses 1x AAA battery

    approx. battery-life of 480 hours

    Please describe the nature of the abuse: