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Pokemon Black DS

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    Pokemon Black

    Pokemon: Black Version gives you the chance to see the Legendary Pokémon Zekrom! Zekrom can disappear inside thunderclouds and fly across the skies.


    Category - Deep Black Pokémon

    Type - Dragon-Electric

    Ability - Teravolt

    Height - 9' 06" / 289.32 cm

    Weight - 760.6 lbs / 345 kg


    At the start of your game, choose whether you want to play as a boy or girl Trainer. No matter which Trainer you choose, you'll have the same amazing adventure!

    Your adventures take place in the Unova region, located far away from the Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh regions. The region is mostly covered by greenery and is dotted with modern cities. People in the Unova region live in harmony with many previously unseen Pokémon. Plus, most of the Pokémon from other regions don't appear in the Unova region-so you'll encounter new Pokémon all the time!

    You get to decide which Pokémon you'll begin your adventure with. There are three Pokémon for you to select from: the Grass-type Snivy, the Fire-type Tepig, and the Water-type Oshawott. Choose the Pokémon you like the most-it will be with you through thick and thin as you explore the Unova region! The three starter Pokémon all have different types. Your knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of these types will be put to the test early and often!

    Pokémon Black and Pokemon White are the first entries in the 5th Generation of Pokémon games, following on from the previous generation which consisted of Pokémon Diamond, Pokémon Pearl and Pokémon Platinum respectively (all titles for Nintendo DS). Since its inception almost 15 years ago, the Pokémon series has sold

    over 30 million units in Europe and has an accompanying anime series that has been translated and broadcast in over 150 countries since the first episode aired in 1997, with one movie released yearly in Japan. (The games are now referred to as Pokémon B/W).

    Pokémon B/W build on the existing Pokémon titles by giving the player a brand new region to explore and new Pokémon to collect, train and do battle with. In addition: enhanced graphics, new online features such as video chat (on Nintendo DSi only) and

    new 3 vs. 3 battles. Pokémon B/W games are fundamentally the same but offer different areas and legendary Pokémon, and each game in the series has traditionally operated in this way.

    In Pokémon B/W, the player is cast as the hero or heroine who sets out on their adventure across the vast continent of Alleos, trying to become the best Pokémon Trainer in all the land. Both games start off in the town of Nuvema, where the player receives their first Pokémon from Professor Juniper. Professor Juniper asks the player, plus their friends Bianca and Cheren, to help complete the Pokédex for the Alleos region. The player, Bianca and Cheren then leave on their Pokémon journey. When they reach the next town, they encounter Team Plasma, who announce their intention to take Pokémon away from their trainers in order to free them. From then on, the player must also try to defeat Team Plasma while trying to become the best Pokémon trainer in Alleos.

    Capture and train 156 new 5th Generation Pokémon, with new moves and abilities.

    Explore the new region of Alleos, and try to save it from the nefarious plans of Team Plasma. The Alleos region also contains two version-exclusive areas depending on which version of Pokémon the player owns: White Forest: a forest containing wild Pokémon and Trainers to battle. The player can find certain Pokémon from previous generations of Pokémon in the grass patches. The player can also take part in a competition in which, once per day, they must capture a specific Pokémon. Black City: a city full of tall, black buildings, where the player can battle other Pokémon trainers and acquire rare items. The player can challenge

    the trainers they find here to Pokémon Battles once per day. Their

    victories are tallied up and the player is rewarded with money that they can spend on rare items that are difficult to find in-game.

    Pokémon B/W introduces the Seasons mechanic, where the in-game environment changes depending on what month it is in real life. Seasons change monthly, rotating through Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter according to the internal clock / calendar of the DS system.

    3D graphics give the series a fresh new look.

    Introduction of triple battle. In a Triple Battle, Trainers send out three Pokémon at once in a 3-vs-3 battle. When taking part in Triple Battles, players must also take into account the positioning of their Pokémon, as this also affects the potential tactics within the battle.

    Video chat with friends over Nintendo WFC using the Nintendo DSi inner camera

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