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£15 Gift Card

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Click the button to add to basket and checkout in the normal way to order your item.


Send your Giftcard

Go to the Giftcard section of your account and create a new giftcard. Customise it to the occasion and send it to your friends email address


It's that easy!

Your friend receieves your giftcard by email. As soon as they log in they accept the giftcard a balnce will credit to thier account and can be used for money off their order(s)

  • £15.00
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    £15 Gift Card

    Gift cards are the best way to give someone exactly what they want! You can use our gift cards on everything we have on the site, from MP3s, DVDs to the latest games.

    - To send someone a gift card simply add to your basket and checkout as normal.

    - Once you have confirmed your purchase the amount will be credited to your gift card balance. Go to My Account > Gift Cards to review this. From this section you can view your balance and send a gift card to anyone with an e-mail address.

    - To send a gift card click the "Send Gift Card" button. Here you will be prompted to enter the e-mail address of the recipient, the amount, the design of the card you wish to send and enter a personalised message. You can also choose to send the gift card on a designated date and time.

    - *IMPORTANT* The e-mail address of the recipient must match the e-mail address of the ShopTo account the gift card is to be redeemed on. If you know your recipient already has a ShopTo account please enter the e-mail address they use for their account. If they do not have an account they will need to create one using the e-mail address you have provided.

    - Once a gift card has been sent it may take up to an hour to process and e-mail to the receiver. You may amend your personalised message or revoke the gift card at any point up until it has been accepted by the recipient.

    - Once the recipient logs into their ShopTo account they will automatically receive a pop-up window featuring your chosen gift card design and personalised message. They will be given the option to accept or decline the gift card. Once the gift card has been accepted the funds will be credited to their ShopTo account to spend on the website, or should they decline the amount will be credited back to your gift card balance.

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