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What Is TextTo? Show

TextTo is a brand new and unique feature to ShopTo.Net that allows you to check our prices, stock and order products from us direct from your mobile phone. You don't need a flash mobile phone with a web browser, any mobile phone with basic text messaging will do. You can also elect to receive news and offers from us relating to the consoles you own so you never miss out on a bargain. Best of all is we're offering this service free of charge; only your standard mobile operator's text rate for sending applies!

Getting Started Show

You can check prices and stock at ShopTo.Net from any mobile phone but to order games and receive a more personalised service from us we need you to go through a few basic account settings.To begin please log into your ShopTo.Net account. On the "My Account" page click "Yes" next to where it says enable SMS ordering to activate this feature on your account. Without this it will not be possible to order from us via text message:

Also on the My Account page is the option to allow us to send you free text messages about products, weekly offers and major releases. If you'd like to receive these please tick the relevant boxes:

Rather than send you messages about games irrelevant to you we've also listed the various formats that we sell, so please tick the platforms you own. If you're a PS3 owner we then won't waste your time by telling you about an exclusive Xbox 360 title we've just received in.

Adding Your Mobile Number To Your ShopTo.Net Account Show

To order games from us the mobile phone number on your account must be in the correct format. Our system will only recognise you if your number starts with your international dialling code, for the UK this is +44. To ensure this is correct or add your mobile for the first time go to the "My Account" section of the website and click the button:

To enter your number in the international format simply take off the first digit of your mobile number and replace it with the international dialling code. eg. 07786205602 becomes +447786205602.

You are now ready to use TextTo to its full ability!

Checking A Price / Stock / Finding Stock Code Show

Our database is full of hundreds of games and we've made it as easy as possible to retrieve the information you need from our website while on the move. To find out the price and stock status for an item simply text the name of the game, followed by the format to 07786205602 - e.g. FIFA 2008 PS3. You will then receive a text message back from us listing the current price of the item, if it's in stock or available for pre-order and the product's stock code.

For best results please use one of the following relevant platform names after your game title: PS3 / PS2 / Xbox360 / Wii / PC / DS / PSP. The full title of the game and format is not essential but the more specific you are the better response you'll receive. If you text just "FIFA" for example then you'll received a text message back with details of every FIFA product we currently have available. If you're too vague and there are too many search results returned you'll be asked to be more specific.

There is no charge from us for this text message although standard operators text rates apply. There is also no obligation to buy - feel free to be out browsing your local high street games store and then text us just to see if we're cheaper or not! Once you receive your text message that includes the stock code of the product you want to order you can then move onto buying your item. Our stock codes always begin with digits relating to the console and then the product itself. In the above example PS3FIFA08, PS3 of course relates to name of the console and FIFA08 the product. As well as finding stock codes by text message you can also find them on each product page where it will be listed as "SMS Code".

Ordering / Pre-Ordering A Game Show

You've got your mobile number stored with us correctly, you know your product stock code, you're ready to order! To order a product you need to text the word BUY/ORDER or PREORDER followed by the ShopTo.Net stock code for the item. An example of an in stock item would be for FIFA 2008 on PlayStation 3: "BUY PS3FIFA08" to 07786205602.

You will receive a text message confirming your order, another text to confirm when the item has shipped, and confirmation by e-mail as usual.

If you have insufficient funds in your bank account or there are other problems with your card that has caused the bank to refuse payment you will receive a text message back informing you of this.

An example of a pre-order would be for Madden NFL 2008 on PlayStation 3: "PREORDER PS3NF01" to 07786205602.

As nothing will be shipping right away here you will just receive a text message and e-mail confirming your pre-order with us.

Cancelling an Order Show

As we use a live stock system we take payment straight away and ship your game sometimes within a few minutes, so orders for in-stock items cannot be cancelled via text message. However to cancel a pre-order simply text the word CANCEL followed by the product stock code. You'll get a text message back confirming the cancellation and also the standard cancellation confirmation e-mail. e.g. Text "CANCEL PS3NFL01" to 07786205602.

TextTo Terms & Conditions Show
  • ShopTo.Net will only use your mobile phone number for sending information you have requested. It will not be sold onto any third party.
  • All text messages received through the TextTo service are free of charge. Text messages sent to us are at your standard mobile operator's text rate.
  • Standard ShopTo.Net Terms & Conditions and Returns Policy apply to purchases made through TextTo.
  • No digital products can be purchased using the TextTo service. For example. Xbox Live instant access codes.
  • No Item over the value of £39.99 can be purchased using the TextTo service.
  • All price and stock information is correct at the time your text message is sent you. ShopTo.Net cannot be held responsible if your order at a later time and the price has increased or the item is out of stock.