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Black Friday Deals have only really been big in the UK since 2014 when it became a big day/weekend of sales adopted by many major retailers. For most in the UK it is now the perfect chance to get all your Christmas shopping done as the deals and deep and plentiful. However, the actual history of Black Friday comes from . . . no prize for guessing, America; the good old US of A! There are 3 stories as to where it actually originated from. The first is due to the great stock market gold crash of 1969. The second is due to cops in Philadelphia saying was a “Black Friday” because the street where so crowded with cars and people because of sales. The third theory is because the shops leave coming out of the RED of a finance l loss into the Black of a finance gain because of the Black Friday Sales.

How did it come to the UK?

As you now know this sales day is an Americanism which has unsurprisingly come across from and American retailer in the UK, yep AMAZON. They were the first to bring this over and as such which the amount of money they put behind it many other retailers soon followed suit.

Why we do black Friday?

Black Friday sales are a great chance to get some much needed Christmas shopping done early. If you’re organised enough you can get all your Christmas shopping done over the long sales weekend. Now as customer expect these deals now who are we to deny them. That is why we have Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales.

So what are our Black Friday deals?

The deals we have for Black Friday range from games console and games to laptops and PC we even have cycling item on sales during this period. Our aim is to make sure that no-matter who you are and what you’re after we have something for you.

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