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Dead Rising 4

The ultimate slayer Frank West
returns home for the holidays

It’s the holiday season in Willa mette, Colorado and a mysterious outbreak has overrun the Willamette Memorial Megaplex Mall
and surrounding town with dangerous and deadly predators. Join Frank West as you explore a vast, open world sandbox filled with dangerous new zombies and a million ways to kill them as you seek to uncover the truth behind the outbreak – or die trying.

Anything and everything is a weapon

Featuring an all-new collection of weapons and vehicles with the freedom for players to craft their own tools of zombie destruction.

Open world sandbox

Players will explore and scavenge the open world sandbox of Willamette, Colorado while facing off against newly zombified enemies and agile zombies that can attack you from above.

Two all-new classes of zombies

Fresh: Newly zombified victims that exhibit superior speed and ferocity. Evo: Zombie with enhanced strength and mobility that mimic the behaviour of predatory animals.

EXO Suit

EXO Suits give players a super-powered weapon with incredible fire power to take on the zombie horde.


Seamless 4-player co-op is here giving you the most immersive multiplayer experience to date, join friends or quick match with players around the world.

Other Features

• Combo Weapons and Vehicles. Utilise a huge array of weapons and vehicles to combat the zombie horde. Your options are bigger and more varied than ever.

• Human Enemies. The city is also filled with surviving scavengers, looters and killers who’ll do anything to survive.

• Simplified Combos. No need to go into your inventory to create a weapon. An intelligent UI gives you live prompts, meaning you can do it on the fly.

• Enhanced Combat Controls. All new streamlined controls allow you to quickly deal with multiple types of threat.

• Sneaking. Approach situations your way – all guns blazing or sneaking up from behind to eliminate enemies silently.



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