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Out Now only on Xbox 360

Game Info

Fable is a role-playing adventure unlike any other, where your every action determines your skills,
appearance, and reputation. Create your life story from childhood to death. Grow from an
inexperienced adolescent into the most powerful being in the world. Choose the path of righteousness
or dedicate your life to evil. Muscles expand with each feat of strength; force of will increases with each
work of wit.

As the biggest-selling RPG on the original Xbox 360, Fable pioneered every player's choice of having a
consequence. The world of Albion inspired gamers to fall in love with a franchise for a decade and
counting. Fable Anniversary will remind players why the Fable franchise is so special and why there is
nothing else quite like it on any other gaming platform. With an entirely new lighting system, slick
new interface, all-new textures, models, achievements and The Lost Chapters content, Fable
Anniversary is the definitive Fable experience for beloved and new players alike!

Graphically updated to 1080P HD to unlock the power of Xbox 360: Fable Anniversary is without a doubt
a major leap visually over the original Fable with stunning graphics and audio remastered for the Xbox 360.
The development team has devoted enormous resources into remaking the adventure, breathing new life
into the beloved classic with advancements such as improved fidelity, lighting, special effects and
more. The result is a stunning re-imagination of the original game that will delight fans old and new.

Brand-new interface, save system and seamless experience: Through the power of Xbox 360, gameplay
in Fable Anniversary is more seamless than ever, and this version boasts a new user interface system
that's been designed to simplify and make it faster and easier to explore the rich world of Fable and
its menus. In addition to lightning-fast load times, there's an all-new save system that's been built
from the ground up to provide the player with the ability to save anytime, anywhere, including during
quests. "Fable Anniversary" also revitalizes the features that Fable fans have come to love with an
updated, optional control scheme acclimated for fans that loved the play styles of Fable II and Fable III.
Achievements in Fable for the first time: Fable Anniversary includes a full 1,000 achievements points
guaranteed to challenge and surprise new players and even the most veteran Fable: The Lost Chapters
fans as they explore the world of Albion again.

Screenshots & Trailer

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