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Buy ReCore and Prepare to Lead a Band of Robots to Save Mankind

You play the role of Joule Adams, a fearless leader of a unique band of Corebot companions. Joule is a survivor of a terrible planetary cataclysm who journeys from Earth to the desert world, " Far Eden", to help build mankind’s new home.
Awakening after centuries of cryogenic stasis, dazed and alone, it soon becomes clear that very little has gone according to plan. Most of the Corebots have since rebelled and Joule’s new home planet is a mess, inhabited by enemies and harassed by frequent, violent sandstorms.

With her Corebot companion, Mack, Joule begins an adventure to unpick the woven secrets and mysteries surrounding what happened to Far Eden, defeat powerful foes, and bring new life and hope to what should have become a paradise for the human race.

The question is – are you up to the task?

Corebots - How to Play ReCore | Xbox One Exclusive


A Corebot is a robot with an interchangeable core at its centre. Think of a core much like a soul, it determines the robots' personality, capabilities and instincts, so different 'cores' mean different things, and on different robots.

There are three cores available to you in the game; yellow, blue and red and you have three robot types with which you can change the core to suit your gameplay needs. We don't want to spoil the surprise, but rest assured, in order to survive and truly conquer your environment, you'll need to master the use of each core and the corresponding personality traits and abilities they bring to your Corebots.

Combat in ReCore is fun and accessible, but also deep. Defeat your enemies with creative tactics, split-second timing, and by unleashing your Corebots' unique abilities, even extract the cores of your damaged foes and fuse them with your own to make them more powerful. Which cores to use and when, are for you, and you alone to decide.

ReCore – The Video

Check out our short overview video, made by us, here at ShopTo.

ReCore – Shifting Sands
and A Dynamic World

ReCore can be described as half open-world, half story-led, meaning you get the best of both. Beautifully rendered, the game is broken up into a series of worlds for you to explore, with each one packed full of secrets, mystery and wonder. Perhaps your careful selection of core + robot and precise timing will allow you to dig for treasure, solve puzzles or find answers to those burning questions.

What's more, the landscape is constantly changing. The massive sandstorms that plague the planet, come and go in an area known as Shifting Sands. This means your environment changes frequently and as sand shifts from place to place, you'll find new areas and dungeons to explore, new puzzles to solve and new enemies to overcome.

ReCore – The Characters

Joule Adams

ReCore’s heroine. At just seventeen years of age; Intelligent, athletic, extroverted and kind, Joule was one of hundreds of highly skilled workers sent to Far Eden to prepare it for future waves of colonisation. Indeed, only the “best and brightest” were chosen to be part of Far Eden’s maintenance crews. At the time, each crewmember was matched with a robotic companion. Joule’s outgoing and kind personality was a perfect fit for the brave and cheerful Mack.


Mack is actually the personality at the heart of the Blue primary core. Whilst you can swap Mack into any of the Corebot frames, Mack is most comfortable in the Dog frame, which best suits his cheerful, happy-go-lucky personality. Mack is adventurous and loyal. While he’s always nosing ahead of Joule, looking for lost Far Eden treasures in the sand, he never strays too far.
Whilst fierce in combat, attacking enemies with a lethal, high speed charge. Out of combat, he’ll chase his tail, scratch his ears and do all the charming things a normal dog would do.


Shy and sometimes fearful, Seth is nonetheless an extremely capable core who excels inside the SP-DR frame. Corebots of Seth's type were assigned delicate, details-oriented construction tasks high above the shifting sands of Far Eden. Despite his nervous nature, Seth can reliably lift loads many times his weight over great distances.


Duncan is the personality at the heart of the Red primary core and he's most comfortable in the Gorilla frame, which best suits his gruff, headstrong personality. While Duncan can be a bit of a grump, he's quick to use his tremendous strength to bash any obstacles in Joule's way.
Duncan is fierce in combat, devastating enemies with a punishing ground-slam. Out of combat, he'll pound his chest, hoot and holler and do all the things you'd expect from a headstrong gorilla.

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