Various Artists - NOW That's What I Call Movies

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1Everything I Do (I Do It For You) [From the Film ''Robin Hood Prince of Thieves'']00:06:35£0.690
2I Will Always Love You [From the Film ''The Bodyguard'']00:04:31£0.691
3Streets of Philadelphia [From the Film ''Philadelphia'']00:03:152
4Take My Breath Away [From the Film ''Top Gun'']00:04:12£0.693
5Against All Odds (Take a Look At Me Now) [From the Film ''Against All Odds'']00:03:25£0.694
6Show Me Heaven [From the Film ''Days of Thunder'']00:03:45£0.695
7Love Is All Around [From the Film ''Four Weddings and a Funeral'']00:03:58£0.696
8It Must Have Been Love [From the Film ''Pretty Woman'']00:04:20£0.697
9She's Like the Wind (feat. Wendy Fraser) [From the Film ''Dirty Dancing'']00:03:52£0.698
10Young and Beautiful [From the Film ''The Great Gatsby'']00:03:56£0.699
11Thank You [From the Film ''Sliding Doors'']00:03:11£0.6910
12Sweetest Goodbye [From the Film ''Love Actually'']00:04:31£0.6911
13Tiny Dancer [From the Film ''Almost Famous'']00:06:16£0.6912
14The Way You Look Tonight [From the Film ''My Best Friend's Wedding'']00:03:23£0.6913
15Love At First Sight [From the Film ''Totally Blonde'']00:03:19£0.6914
16Have You Met Miss Jones? [From the Film ''Bridget Jones's Diary'']00:02:34£0.6915
17Stardust [From the Film ''Sleepless in Seattle''] (2005 - Remaster)00:03:1816
18When You Wish Upon a Star [From the Film ''Pinocchio'']00:03:17£0.6917
1My Heart Will Go On [From the Film ''Titanic'']00:04:41£0.6918
2I Dreamed a Dream [From the Film ''Les Misérables'']00:04:38£0.6919
3Unchained Melody [From the Film ''Ghost'']00:03:3520
4(I've Had) The Time of My Life [From the Film ''Dirty Dancing'']00:04:48£0.6921
5Up Where We Belong [From the Film ''An Officer and a Gentleman'']00:03:50£0.6922
6What If [From the Film ''Christmas Carol'']00:04:02£0.6923
7A Whole New World [From the Film ''Aladdin'']00:04:03£0.6924
8All By Myself [From the Film ''Bridget Jones's Diary'']00:04:3025
9I Believe I Can Fly [From the Film ''Space Jam'']00:04:41£0.6926
10Gangsta's Paradise (feat. L.V.) [From the Film ''Dangerous Minds'']00:04:00£0.6927
11I'm Kissing You (Love Theme) [From the Film ''Romeo and Juliet'']00:04:03£0.6928
12When You Say Nothing At All [From the Film ''Notting Hill'']00:04:10£0.6929
13Don't You (Forget About Me) [From the Film ''The Breakfast Club''] (2001 - Remaster)00:04:17£0.6930
14Pretty in Pink [From the Film ''Pretty in Pink'']00:03:58£0.6931
15Mad World [From the Film ''Donnie Darko'']00:03:33£0.6932
16Together in Electric Dreams [From the Film ''Electric Dreams''] (2003 - Remaster)00:03:47£0.6933
17Pure Shores [From the film ''The Beach'']00:04:21£0.6934
18Absolute Beginners [From the Film ''Absolute Beginners''] (2002 - Remaster)00:05:32£0.6935
19You Never Can Tell [From the Film ''Pulp Fiction'']00:02:43£0.6936
1Eye of the Tiger [From the Film ''Rocky'']00:03:51£0.6937
2Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now [From the Film ''Mannequin'']00:04:30£0.6938
3White Wedding [From the Film ''The Wedding Singer''] (2001 - Remaster)00:04:1239
4The Power of Love [From the Film ''Back to the Future''] (2006 - Remaster)00:03:55£0.6940
5Ghostbusters [From the Film ''Ghostbusters'']00:04:01£0.6941
6Footloose [From the Film ''Footloose''] (1998 - Remaster)00:03:46£0.6942
7Fame [From the Film ''Fame'']00:03:4843
8The Shoop Shoop Song (It's in His Kiss) [From the Film ''Mermaids'']00:02:52£0.6944
9The Grease Mega-Mix [From the Film ''Grease'']00:04:47£0.6945
10Mamma Mia [From the Film ''Mamma Mia'']00:03:33£0.6946
11You Sexy Thing [From the Film ''The Full Monty'']00:04:05£0.6947
12Why? [From the Film ''Soup for One''] (2011 - Remaster)00:03:3648
13Never Ending Story [From the Film ''The Never Ending Story'']00:03:29£0.6949
14That's How You Know [From the Film ''Enchanted'']00:03:4950
15Flashdance... (What a Feeling) [From the Film ''Flashdance'']00:03:5551
169 to 5 [From the Film ''9 to 5'']00:02:43£0.6952
17Oh, Pretty Woman [From the Film ''Pretty Woman'']00:02:56£0.6953
18I Get Around [From the Film ''Good Morning Vietnam'']00:02:15£0.6954
19Brown Eyed Girl [From the Film ''Sleeping With the Enemy'']00:03:05£0.6955
20Stuck in the Middle With You [From the film ''Reservoir Dogs'']00:03:27£0.6956
21Stand By Me [From the Film ''Stand By Me'']00:02:57£0.6957
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    Music - NOW That's What I Call Movies By Various Artists on Music
    • Artist: Various Artists
    • Tracks: 58
    • Duration: 03:46:22
    • Format: MP3
    • Quality: 320
    • Release date: 11-11-2013
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