Various Artists - The Real Bahamas, Volumes I & II

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1We Will Understand It Better By And By00:03:56£0.690
2Sheep Know When Thy Shepherd Calling00:02:08£0.691
3I Told You People Judgment Coming00:00:53£0.692
4Don't Take Everybody to Be Your Friend00:02:18£0.693
5Sailboat Malarkey00:02:18£0.694
6Up in the Heaven Shouting00:01:33£0.695
7Won't That Be a Happy Time00:02:24£0.696
8Out on the Rolling Sea00:03:12£0.697
9I Am So Glad00:01:40£0.698
10Come for Your Dinner00:01:28£0.699
11God Locked the Lion's Jaw00:04:01£0.6910
12Great Dream From Heaven00:02:39£0.6911
13My Lord Help Me to Pray00:01:42£0.6912
14Numberless Are the Sands on the Seashore00:04:15£0.6913
15I Ain't Got Long00:01:22£0.6914
16I Bid You Goodnight00:02:48£0.6915
17I See Mary and Joseph (Death and the Woman)00:03:53£0.6916
18Peter, You Need The Lord00:01:56£0.6917
19Jesus Promised Me A Home Over There00:03:04£0.6918
20Troublesome Water00:01:41£0.6919
21Kneeling Down Inside The Gate00:02:34£0.6920
22Jesus Your Name So Sweet00:01:38£0.6921
23Take Me Over The Tide00:02:38£0.6922
24When The Leaves Turn Red00:03:21£0.6923
25There Will Be a Happy Meeting (That Glad Reunion Day)00:02:37£0.6924
26The Great Coronation00:02:13£0.6925
27The Captain Go Ashore00:01:57£0.6926
28Ain't No Grave Gonna Hold God's Body Down00:05:55£0.6927
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    Music - The Real Bahamas, Volumes I & II By Various Artists on Music
    • Artist: Various Artists
    • Tracks: 28
    • Duration: 01:12:04
    • Format: MP3
    • Quality: 256
    • Release date: 28-12-2004
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