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Tron: Evolution Review

Tron: Evolution – review

Most video games that have their roots in films have a history/reputation that may put some gamers off, But is Disneys Tron: Evolution different?

Tron: Evolution is set between the original 1982 Tron and the recently released Tron: Legacy, With Evolution’s purpose being to provide back story between the two films. Evolutions story is fairly interesting in that it answers questions about what happened to Flynn at the end of the original film.

In Tron Evolution you play as a System Monitor (security program) that was made by Kevin Flynn, and it’s your job to fight off the corrupt CLU as he wages war against the recent sentient programs (ISOs) so it’s up to you to try to save the Tron universe.

If you’ve seen the original Tron film then you’ll notice that the look and feel of the 1982 classic has been perfectly recreated inside Tron Evolution, from the monochrome interiors to the flourescent coloured striping, the Recognizer, Tanks and of course the Light Cycles, your character also has the standard issue black shiny suit and helmet with the bright neon flashes on it. Gameplay is similar to that of Lara Croft or Assassins creed where you run, vault, climb, magnetic grapple, leap, jump and wall run in almost every level except those where you are in (or on) a vehicle.

Gameplay: From the start you’re equipped with an upgradeable light-disk with which you either throw at oncoming enemies or hold for mêlée attacks, There are numerous combo moves that you can use and as you progress you’ll unlock more combat moves and unlock upgrades that come in the form of memory megs (mb) of memory that you can use to upgrade your character abilities.. The Combat system in Evolution is quite tactical, meaning that you have to use the correct attacks according to what class of enemy you’re up against, Shields and health are easy to replenish via recharge stations that you vault over to refill or by wall running up or across energy fields to recharge.

Multiplayer: Tron Evolution wouldn’t be complete without multiplayer, Here you can compete in death match type Grid Games and Light Cycle events, Taking part in these 10 player Light Cycle races has to be seen to be believed, they are just nuts on the bigger maps in team mode, there’s also a free for all mode, but team mode is just pure fun.. Evolution has support for 3D, but it comes as a noticeable frame rate drop, and the effect of the 3D does little to change gameplay, Surprisingly the cut scenes aren’t in 3D either..

Summary Given the general opinion about games that originate from films, Tron Evolution is a step in the right direction, and Disney Interactive should be commended for managing to sidestep all of the usual areas that games fo films usually fall into. Casual & Hardcore gamers alike will find something of interest in Tron Evolution, be it the wall running, Disc throwing or the excellent 10 player light cycle races.

PS3/Xbox 360/Wii/PSP/DS/PC Disney Interactive

Edited On 21 Dec, 2010

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