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Operation Flashpoint:Red River Sgt Knox Biography

Operation Flashpoint: Red River gets the first of a planned series of key character biographies, first up is Squad Leader Staff Sergeant Damian Knox, who explains what his role in Tajikistan is.

Red River will recreate the tension of war where one ammo round can kill, and Sgt Damian Knox is all too aware of that.

The trailer gives us a glimpse of the vast environments, weapons, air support and style of gameplay that will feature a seamless drop in drop out 4 player coop across all game modes.


Red River is the third in the Operation Flashpoint series, with the first (Cold War Crisis) being released back in 2001 on the original Xbox and PC, The second in the series (Dragon Rising) was released in 2009 and was set on the massive fictional Island of Skira and featured open world game play, Dragons Rising was applauded for being a realistic tactical shooter where one shot would kill you instead of allowing your enemies to soak up ammo like a sponge before being killed.

Operation Flashpoint: Red River is due for release 15/4/2011 on Xbox 360, PS3 & PC.


Edited On 22 Dec, 2010

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