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FIFA could be coming to Wii U at launch

An EA sports senior executive has dropped a pretty big hint that FIFA will be a launch game for Nintendo’s new system, Wii U.

When talking to Eurogamer, at E3, EA’s Andrew Wilson said that “”FIFA has the great fortune of being invited to all the VIP parties” after being questioned on whether or not FIFA will appear on Wii U as a launch title.

Just like Vigil Games, EA Sports have some interesting, gimmick-less plans for the Wii U’s touch screen controller, which include removing the HUD from the game itself and displaying it on the 6.2″ screen that rests in the palm of your hands.

“This concept of cleaning up everything you see on the big screen and putting all that here [on the controller screen], is an interesting proposition,” Wilson stated before continuing to explain the idea further.

“We don’t have that problem solved, but the opportunity to change the way you interact with a game based on moving everything from the HUD to here, is interesting. The radar can go there. You could trigger wing play. You could play an offside trap here. There are a whole bunch of things you could do here that before, you had to remember a two-button combination or a d-pad combination, or you had to see it represented up on a screen, which meant if anyone else was watching they saw it.”

Wilson made it clear that EA Sports weren’t looking to exploit the device’s feature with gimmicky controls but are instead looking to introduce gameplay features that the player can benefit from.

“”Between now and when that launches, we’ll be working diligently to make sure it adds value, that it’s not a gimmick, but it truly adds value,” he said.”

We’ve already seen signs of good support from third party developers since yesterday’s announcement and in the case of EA Sports and Vigil Games, the current plans for the controller are extremely interesting. The system is due out sometime in 2012, but that’s the only release window we’ve been given so far.

Edited On 08 Jun, 2011

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