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Suda 51: Shadows of the Damned ‘might’ have a side-scrolling level

That means it has a side-scrolling level, then.

When talking to Gamespot, at E3, about the upcoming action game, Shadows of the Damned and its unique use of puzzle elements, Goichi Suda A.K.A Suda 51 said that we “might” get to see a side-scrolling level in the game, after debating whether he could mention any specific examples of the ‘mini games’ at all.

The rest of the interview is worth a watch, with some interesting facts and a lot of great gameplay footage. Check it out below, courtesy of Gamespot.

Developed by Suda 51′s Grasshopper manufacture, in collaboration with the mind behind Resident Evil, Shinji Mikami, Shadows of the Damned will feature a unique blend of survival, action and puzzle solving. The game is expected to release later this month and you can pre-order a copy here (PS3), or here (Xbox360)

Edited On 08 Jun, 2011

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