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Serious Brothers in Arms could return, Furious 4 just “a test bed”

Gearbox Software has suggested that Brothers in Arms may return to the franchise’s serious routes, once Furious 4 is out of the way and that the new over the top, eccentrically brutal styling may not be here to stay.

During a demo of the new game, which has been accused of ripping content from Left4Dead, The Saboteur, Team Fortress 2 and the developer’s own title Borderlands, Gearbox told Giant Bomb that the story of Matthew Baker isn’t necessarily over.

Gearbox referred to Furious 4 as a “test bed” for a new take on the series, rather than a permanent change, which is just as well considering the controversy that the title caused amongst gamers and fans of the series, when it was first shown at E3.

To give you an idea of the ridiculousness that Gearbox has injected into the game, the CGI trailer is below.

Brothers in Arms: Furious 4 is expected to release sometime in 2012.

Edited On 09 Jun, 2011

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