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Mass Effect 2 Demo now on Playstation Store


Mass Effect 2, Bioware’s recent winner of the Spike Tv Video Game Awards Xbox 360 game of the year and RPG of the year is getting it’s debut on the PlayStation 3 on 21st Jan 2011, To help gamers get in the mood for it’s release EA & Bioware have released a demo on PSN.   The PS3 version of Mass Effect 2 has been developed using the same engine that’s going to power Mass Effect 3 and includes six hours of bonus DLC content such as the the “Lair of the Shadow Broker”, “Kasumi Stolen Memories” and “Overlord”. PS3 gamers will now be able to join Commander Shepard’s fight and explore galaxies and uncharted worlds, The demo gives players the chance to experience three missions ’s that include the opening sequence, an investigation of a planet whose inhabitants have disappeared and a mission to recruit one of your old friends “Mordin Solus” to your squad.


Having played both Mass Effect games to completion I can highly recommend this futuristic RPG.

Masseffect 2 is available to preorder here 

Edited On 22 Dec, 2010

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