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Catherine gets US release date, English demo on its way

Atlus has announced the US release date for Catherine, the developer’s upcoming ‘erotic action thriller’.

The game will hit American stores on 26th July. There’s still no news on a European release, so those who want to play the unique title will have to look at importing it from elsewhere.

On top of this, Atlus have also released a demo on the Japanese PS Store and Xbox Live Marketplace, which is currently being localized with English voice acting, ready for a US release in the near future.

The game follows the story of Vincent who starts having strange nightmares, in which he might be killed, after meeting a women called Catherine. In the title’s daytime stages, Vincent must try and befriend Catherine and Katherine. In the night stages, the player will have to survive Vincent’s nightmares, in which other men are represented as sheep.

Thanks, Eurogamer, Siliconera.

Edited On 10 Jun, 2011

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