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Moby Jones joins SSX cast

SSX fan favourite, Moby Jones, has been added to the cast list for the upcoming franchise reboot.

Moby was added to the official website, earlier today, joining the likes of Elise Riggs, Mackenzie ‘Mac’ Fraser and Kaori Nishidake. EA has also released some artwork and a character bio, for Moby.  You can see both of those below and if other announcements are anything to go by, we’ll have some screens and a video for you later today.

Moby Jones was born in Brixton, England in 1982 to Trinidadian immigrant parents. Growing up on the rough streets of Brixton meant growing up fast but Moby managed to find a way around that rule; at age ten he had a skateboard thrust into his hands. Moby took to the sport like a duck to water. He began entering into local skate competitions and found himself winning more often than not. After a short while he was picked up by a local skate shop and given his first taste of what sponsorship could offer. After that more lucrative deals started to flow in; he was making a name for himself and it was paying off in dividends.

Edited On 10 Jun, 2011

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