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UK to blame for PlayStation Vita pricing

We already knew this was the case really, however just to confirm things Andrew House has been speaking to Games Industry.biz as to why pricing for hardware in the UK is just so high.

When the website asked the question of House, he quite simply explained that you can blame the government.

“I think we need to do a better job of explaining issues around sales tax as well. The fact of the matter is the UK price will have 20 per cent VAT included in that, the US price by contrast in LA is without the sales tax included.

What this means is that if you are buying a £279 3G PlayStation Vita, you will be able to figure out quite easily that £55.80 of this is going into the pockets of the government, where as the £229 wireless version sees £45.80 going to the same way.

Of course this is the case with all hardware, and is probably the reason everyone in the UK feels hard done by when looking across the pond.

Edited On 14 Jun, 2011

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