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Microsoft: Halo not being milked

We don’t know how many Microsoft games there have been with the title in, but one things for sure, there are more on the way.

Now people may suggest that Microsoft is milking the series for all it’s worth with these new releases, after all the publisher doesn’t have too many core IP’s that it can call its own. This year we have Gears of War 3 and Forza 4, and well that’s about it.

With both Halo 4 and Halo Combat Evolved HD on the way it has been suggested that we may start to see an annual return to some sort of Halo game, however Microsoft Game Studios head Phil Spencer, speaking in an interview with IGN, denied this was the case.

“People shouldn’t look at Anniversary as part of an annualised franchise. I love the fact we’re doing the Anniversary edition because I loved Halo 1. We just looked at it and thought it needed to be refreshed. It wasn’t part of us trying to get into an annualised rhythm with the franchise.

“It will be done in time for this holiday. That is the 10th Anniversary for Halo. It felt like a good time to celebrate it.

“We had discussions about ‘will people look at this as us milking it’,” he said, “but we figured with Achievements, Xbox Live, and ‘up-res-ing’ the game it was a project out of passion not a project out of business.”

Spencer went on to add that a Halo 2 HD remake may also be on the cards, guess we just have to wait and see how the first one is received.

Edited On 14 Jun, 2011

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