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E3 2011 – Future Soldier, Binary Domain and Star Trek

With our E3 coverage coming to a close, we thought we would close our coverage off by showcasing some of the titles that we only saw briefly and therefore didn’t have enough time with to write a full preview.

We still have a few videos from E3 to bring you, but other than that we hope you have enjoyed our coverage.

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Future Soldier

After seeing the demo during the Ubisoft conference, I really wanted to try out Ghost Recon: Future Soldier to see if it really worked as smoothly as we had seen, or if it was just well rehearsed. I tried my hand at the demo and it truly did work that smoothly. The controls were very solid and felt surprisingly natural. The demo had seemed really scripted during the conference, and playing the demo only confirmed it. The idea is to coordinate with your cooperative partners for the best possible outcome, but I can’t see this working well unless you are playing with people that you can really trust. While the action sequences were neat, they were too scripted to be enjoyable. I can only hope that this slice of gameplay doesn’t represent the game’s style, unfortunately, I don’t see why they would show something that didn’t.

Binary Domain

I was given a short demo of Binary Domain by Hiroyuki Sakamoto in a behind closed door demo. The game takes place in a scarily accurate representation of the downtown Shibuya district of Tokyo, Japan. The basics of the story are that Japan has started illegally manufacturing human looking robots that are used in military-type combat. The main character is, as most game characters are these days, a marshall investigating these illegal things that the Japanese government has been doing. They can recruit up to two additional members to their party to help in the fight. There is procedural damage on enemies that is shown by the armor falling away. There is a trust system between party members, that will effect whether they will revive you or give you cover fire or not. It seemed like a good idea in concept, but both the enemy and friendly AI didn’t look very promising. The game is still in pre-alpha though so I’m still optimistic as to what the game will become.

Star Trek

“The Star Trek game that I am about to tell you about will come out at the exact same as the second J.J. Abrams movie, that may or may not be coming next year.” That is exactly what they told us as soon as we entered the room. THEY ANNOUNCED THE NEW MOVIE AT E3. I have no idea why they did that, or if they were supposed to. The game looked really nice though, it was super pretty. We were shown a very brief demo of co-op from the perspectives of both Spock and Kirk, both of which are modeled after the movie actor’s likenesses. The combat was smooth but seemed so very similar to Mass Effect, so much so that it didn’t feel very unique. Oh and the game features J.J. Abrams level lens flare.

We hope you have enjoyed our coverage of E3, it’ been a busy few weeks.

Look our for our wrap up videos, giving you an overview of the event, soon.

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Edited On 17 Jun, 2011

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