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Ape Escape review

Ape Escape has long been a franchise associated with Sony consoles. It all started on the original PlayStation thanks to the wonderful SCE Japan and ever since it has graced every other Sony console, well except PlayStation 3. Well fear not as that is about to change and although it’s a budget PlayStation Move title we are talking about here, that doesn’t take away from the fact that it’s actually quite fun.

The whole premise of the Ape Escape for PlayStation Move (known as Fury Fury in Japan) story is to find a monkey named Spectre. This sees you going through all manner of environments with your PlayStation Move in hand, collecting bananas, looking for Monkeys and taking on all sorts of strange enemies be it alien spacecraft, snowmen or weird looking jellyfish as you try to rack up a high score.

As you wander through the on-the-rails the levels in a FPS style, you are armed with your Move controller, this is essentially your tool for getting through the game and it takes on many guises, be it a net, slingshot or a fan. When you wander through the levels you will come across sections when you have to capture the monkeys. As all of these hairy creatures run at you the aim is to capture them in your net, be successful and you will be met with a big “Gotcha” voice (which interestingly you can record as your own), miss however and they will make off with the bananas (your lifeblood). If you run out of banana’s then it’s game over, although should these cheeky monkeys make off with your bananas you do at least have the opportunity to shoot at them with your slingshot before they eat them and if you aim correctly then you will get them back.

Although at first it’s just a case of capturing Monkeys in your net, eventually things get tougher as Monkeys being to teleport, throw objects at you and generally make your life hard as you try to stop them from stealing your bananas and reach your goal of capturing Spectre. But then your didn’t expect this to be easy did you?

To make life simple, in some parts of the levels you will find batteries, these allow you to use a special move, such as the Monkey hoover which will suck up all the monkeys in your line of vision, which obviously makes getting through the levels a whole lot easier. You can only carry three batteries at a time though so you should use these wisely.

As things progress the difficulty ramps up, seeing you take on all manner of challenges, such as a large king kong and progressively tougher monkeys (who you will see dressed as all manner of comical things such as American Football players, Policemen, Penguins etc). The main annoyance is at the end of the level you will need to capture spectre, however each time he is generally a fake, meaning all you will do is get frustrated before unlocking a new level to play, and occasionally some mini games as well.

The controls in the game are very responsive and easy to use as you would expect from the PlayStation Move and since you only need one controller to play the main story it’s all fairly user friendly, even for younger children. In fact my own children have enjoyed playing this game ever since it arrived for review, so I can honestly say that it passes this test with flying colours.

Outside of the main game there are also a ton of mini games to play, although some of these do require another controller such as the dualshock 3 or the navigation controller. Examples of Mini games include a driving game and another game in which you snipe at monkeys.

As mentioned previously, you are able to record your own voice  so that when you capture a monkey you hear your own words say “Gotcha”. Finally there is also an ape almanac, allowing you to see the different types of monkey you meet throughout the game.

As for presentation it’s hard to complain about Ape Escape Move, it’s colourful and pleasing to the eye, overall having a certain charm to it. The cutscenes which string the story together are well drawn, if not a little cheesy, but it passes.

The main issue with Ape Escape Move is that it’s quite short and sweet, however given that you are rewarded for how well you complete the levels there is certainly scope for replaying, especially since you can go back to any mission you wish. There are also leaderboards to add further incentive for replaying.

Ape Escape Move would fail as a full price title, however this one is being sold for just £18.85 here on ShopTo and for that price it’s certainly worth considering, especially if you are a fan of the cheeky monkeys of Ape Escape and are looking for a good reason to use your PlayStation Move again.

Rating: Good Review policy

Edited On 17 Jun, 2011

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