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PSN Mortal Kombat DLC incorrectly priced, Skarlet info

Warner Bros Interactive has confirmed that the Mortal Kombat DLC released via PSN just yesterday was incorrectly priced.

Users were up in arms about the cost of the DLC, which was priced at £5.99 in the UK, however it seems that was just an error.

“To clarify the posted price of the Classic Skins pack on PSN is incorrect and is currently being rectified to £3.19 for UK users and €3.99 for European users,” a WB rep told Eurogamer.

As for the Skarlet DLC which was posted missing? The Warner Bros rep also had something to say about that.

“Unfortunately, due to some technical issues, the Mortal Kombat Skarlet DLC will not be available to PSN users in Europe until next week.

“We apologise for any inconvenience but assure fans that Skarlet and her fatalities are on the way.

“All users will have access to the compatibility pack and free classic skins – Cyrax and Sektor – once Skarlet is available.”

So there we go, it was all a mistake PSN fans.

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Edited On 23 Jun, 2011

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