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Dragon Age II DLC achievements leaked

The achievements for the upcoming Dragon Age II: Legacy DLC have been leaked online, thanks to Xbox 360 Achievements.  We’re yet to see a release date or price for the Legacy DLC, but BioWare are set to officially unveil the content at San Diego Comic-Con, next month.

According to the leaked list, which you can see below, the pack will include five new achievements, which will be worth a total of 120 gamerpoints.

  • Conductor: Defeat an ancient evil in the Vimmark Mountains. 30G
  • Deep Roads Safari: Kill a genlock, genlock alpha, hurlock alpha, bronto, and deepstalker in the Vimmark Mountains. 15G
  • Family Legacy: Apply three effects to Hawke’s Key. 30G
  • Family Outing: Complete the main quest in the Vimmark Mountains with Bethany or Carver in the party. 15G
  • Tower Sweeper: Complete every side quest in the Vimmark Mountains prison tower. 30G

Thanks, Eurogamer.

Edited On 24 Jun, 2011

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