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Battlefield 3 gets 10 co-op maps, plays different game

DICE has confirmed in the latest PSM3 magazine that Battlefield 3 will include 10 co-op maps.

According to the magazines huge feature on the game, players get a ten-level two player co-op campaign which is seperate from the main campaign.

Elsewhere in the feature, DICE executive producer, Patrick Bach also gives his thoughts on the differences between Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3 saying, “Everyone wants there to be a fight between us, and I understand that, but the problem is that if you say it’s a fight you’re assuming you’re competing at the same sport.

“We have so many things in our game that aren’t part of Modern Warfare, so it really comes down to personal preference. You choose based on the depth you want, the maturity level, your own personal taste…it’s all about how you get your fix,” Bach said.

“We’re building the game we want to play, and there are a lot of Battlefield fans who agree with us.”

It certainly sounds like both games will have something to offer, but one things for sure, whichever you choose you are going to be in for a treat.

Battlefield 3 is out this October. You can pre-order your copy here (PC), here (Xbox 360) and here (PS3).

Check out our preview here.

Edited On 24 Jun, 2011

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