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Zombie survival Dead Block to hit this July

Creators of Imperium Galactica, Digital Reality today announced their next game. The new title is called Dead Block and will be arriving early next month.

Dead Block is a humour filled game with a mixture of strategy and all round zombie killing fun. In a 1950′s US background you will play as the survivors of a zombie apocalypse that was caused by the Rock “n” Roll that swept the nation raising the dead.

You will play as one of three survivors: Boy Scout Mike Bacon, construction worker Jack Foster, and no-nonsense meter maid Foxy Jones, Each with their own unique ability. Using a mixture of boarding up windows and unlock-able traps you will also be able to collect power ups and kill zombies in your guitar shredding way.

“We’re a huge fan of zombies, but we’re even bigger fans of finding the most creative ways of disposing of the undead buggers,” said Balazs Horvath, Director of Publishing of Digital Reality.

“Dead Block has been a dream project of ours, and we’re elated to finally unleash it upon the world.”

The game also includes drop in/drop out co-op up to 4 players in total.

Dead Block is available July 6th on Xbox 360 for 800MSP and July 20th on PS3 for €9.99.  View the trailer below for more on Dead Block.

Edited On 29 Jun, 2011

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