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Review: Fallout New Vegas ‘Dead Money’ DLC


Dead Money: The first of the planned DLC for Fallout: New Vegas, Introduces players to a new area known as the Sierra Madre Casino, a fabled casino that’s hidden deep within the Mojave Wasteland. To access Dead Money you just need to visit the new radio signal that’s being emitted from the Sierra Madre Casino, On your map you’ll see a new location, an abandoned Brotherhood of Steel (BoS) bunker South of NCR Camp Forlorn Hope.

Once inside the bunker walk towards the radio and you’ll be magically transported to the Sierra Madre, Upon waking up you find yourself talking to a holographic image of a bearded old man named Elijah who informs you that you have a collar around your neck with a bomb attached that he will detonate it if you don’t help him break into the Sierra Madre Casino. Herein lies the start of your quest.

The three new companions in Dead Money are a strange bunch to say the least, You have Dog, super mutant with a split personality (known as GOD),

then there’s Dean Domino “The King of Swing” a ghoul who longs for fame

and the mute Christine Royce an ex-Brotherhood of Steele member who was made mute by Father Elijah, and is now out to enact revenge on him.

These three are apparently going to help you fulfil your quest in gaining entry to the casino and to help your captor infiltrate the and plunder the casino’s vault.

During the first half of the Dead Money DLC you’ll be going into the villa and surrounding areas to find your three companions who also have collars fitted to them, The Villa is the home to Ghosts, which at first can be hard to defeat, mainly due to all of your weapons being left in the Brotherhood of Steele Bunker, meaning that you need to collect as many weapons as possible on your travels, You’ll need to fight your way through various forms of Ghosts enemies, and avoid areas where your collar starts beeping, if the beeping gets too fast you stand a good chance of your collar going off, so remember to save often.

Once you’ve found your companions you’ll need to take them each to a specific location where they need to complete a task to help get the gala event started. Once the gala event is underway you make your way to the Sierra Madre casino, When you’re inside, once again you’ll wake up to Elijahs voice who explains where the others have gone and what you need to do in order to gain entry to the elusive vault..

 If you are a fan of the Fallout series then you may enjoy Dead Money’s change of pace from the wastelands, as it gives Fans of Fallout: New Vegas a new area to explore with gameplay lasting anything from 4 to 7 hours depending on how deep you explore the Villa and Casino area’s. There are also 5 Achievements to unlock worth 140GS

Dead Money is available as DLC via XboxLive Marketplace for 800 Microsoft points In order to play the Dead Money content you’ll need to own Fallout New Vegas on Xbox 360, Available here

Edited On 26 Dec, 2010

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