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Mortal Kombat gets fix, Noob and Smoke DLC Trailer

A new trailer has arrived showing the Mortal Kombat classic skins for Noob and Smoke which will arrive next week on July 5 for free once you download the latest MK compatibility pack or purchase the Kenshi dlc which will also arrive next week.

In addition, NetherRealm Studios will be releasing a patch sometime next week to fix the dsync problems gamers have been subject on PS3 ever since the last patch, you can view details of the patch and how to solve the issue on Xbox 360 below.

Check out the video below.

Finally make sure you check out our Mortal Kombat review here. You can order Mortal Kombat from ShopTo here.

De-synchronization errors have been reported in online play of Mortal Kombat. The issues are specifically with the original downloads of the retail exclusive pre-order Klassic Skins. Anyone playing Mortal Kombat with the original pre-order skins installed will cause de-synchronization against anyone they play. Fixes are in progress for both platforms, with details below.

For Xbox 360 In order to fix the desynchronization errors on the Xbox 360, you must manually re-download the Klassic Kostume DLC files from the Xbox Live Marketplace. Re-downloading the Klassic Skins Pack will not fix the problem. You must re-download the original pre-order skin(s). Instructions for re-downloading:

1. Hit the guide button (XBox Logo button on controller)

2. Go to the right to the tab labelled “Settings”

3. Select “Account Management”

4. Select “Download History”

5. Select the pre-order DLC you wish to re-download.

6. Choose “download again”

If you have re-downloaded the Klassic Skins and are still experiencing desynchronization errors, it is because the person you are playing is still using the older skins. Both players must re-download the content to fix the issue.

For PS3 A patch is in progress to solve this issue for PS3 users. We expect to release the patch the week of 7/4. We will update this message once our timing is confirmed.

Thanks, TSA.

Edited On 02 Jul, 2011

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