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Devil May Cry Moar!

Has anybody else been frantically Googling Devil May Cry 5 for the last year? It can’t just be me, surely? Well, for those of you who care but may have missed it, DMC5 has officially been announced. Ninja Theory, the development team behind Heavenly Sword and Enslaved, are currently working on the next instalment of this particular gaming franchise, and judging by the latest trailers it’s worlds apart from the previous titles.

While DMC has always been known for it’s witty approach to demon maiming, DMC5 seems to have opted for a more emo route, and people may be surprised to learn that Nero has been shoved out and Dante has been dragged back in, looking a little worse for wear. The given reason for the sudden overhaul is to make the game more attractive to European and US gamers, in an effort to boost sales in those territories. Apparently, redesigning the protagonist of the game into a scruffy and abused adolescent will draw more of us in. Who knew?

As the trailers show, DMC5 looks to be a prequel of the series and sheds a dim light on the Son of Sparda’s tough past. Penned in for a 2011 release (what, really?) and with Capcom pushing Ninja Theory in all the right directions, this could be one to watch!

Edited On 14 Oct, 2010

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