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SOCOM 4 to get patch 1.04

Zipper Interactive’s announced the upcoming release of patch 1.04 for its online shooter, SOCOM 4.

Releasing tomorrow morning, the new patch boasts the long-awaited activation of the SOCOM Party system, as well as a few other bits and pieces which are sure to please gamers.

Details of the next patch will be announced over the summer, as will details on the upcoming downloadable content.

Check out the latest patch details below.

SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy SEALs v1.04 July 12, 2011 | TPPS: 42 MB, DLS: 11 MB Gameplay

- Added “Party” system to primary multiplayer interface which allows players to invite other users to play with them in a persistent group until disbanded (up to 16 total players)

- Fixed bug that sometimes prevented Bomb Squad and Uplink matches to end properly despite one team winning the required number of rounds

- Players who do not have SOCOM Pro can now “Scavenge” Pro-associated weapons on the battlefield for a limited time use (does not unlock them permanently)

Weapons and Gear

- Added additional weapon “knock” to single and burst-fire modes for all weapons to limit possible rapid-fire exploits


- Games played under “Classic” rules now implement an “open” mic system for players in the Spectator lobby

- Added “open” mic functionality to all transition screens for games played under “Classic” rules

- Added “Games Played” statistics for SOCOM Pro maps

- Fixed issue that caused post-game text to display incorrectly at the end of a round or match


- Added functionality to allow all Gametypes to support independent XP bonuses

- Mics are now muted for the first five seconds of every round to reduce echo/ feedback from mass “round start” messages

- Implemented a number of stability fixes

Edited On 12 Jul, 2011

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