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Section 8: Prejudice gearing up for PSN release

Section 8: Prejudice will launch on the PlayStation Network on July 27, with some added extras. Developer Timegate has added two more game modes to the title in time for release on Sony’s platform.

The two new modes that will grace the game are Skirmish and Assasult. Skirmish is a mode where you and up to 32 players compete in a Team-versus-team death match where Control Points cannot be captured and Victory Points are awarded for kills and completed Dynamic Combat Missions. Whereas assault is a team-versus-team game mode where teams race to capture all Control Points in the fastest time.

If that wasn’t enough, in the first week of release people who purchase the game will get a free armour pack and map pack. Meanwhile the first 1000 PlayStation Plus subscribers who purchase will receive an exclusive hunter armour.

Thanks, PlayStation Blog.

Edited On 14 Jul, 2011

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