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Preview – Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Call of Duty is back again this year and is facing stiff competition from competitors, however that aside this title is set to be the best of the series.

Modern Warfare 3 is set to hit consoles this November boasting improved visuals, 60 frames per second and the same robust multiplayer normally associated with the COD series. It looks to give the ultimate cinematic experience as well a solid core gameplay and a wealth of co-op gameplay, Battlefield beware.

Modern Warfare 3 takes place a couple hours after MW2. The Russians are continuing their assault on America and the war has expanded to several locations in Europe – London, Germany, France and different parts of Africa.

During a presentation from Activision we were shown the New York demo from E3. Visually the game has improved much from MW2 as well a boasting a bigger cinematic feeling. The level started with the player being tasked to plant charges on a submarine to bring it top side. As you’d expect from Call of Duty cinematic set pieces are a massive part of the game, as the player rose from the depths of the Hudson River you’re greeted with a onslaught of explosions, bombs, bullets, firefights all going off at the same time and is really a sight to remember. Progressing through the level it still contains your typical FPS gameplay with the usual controls. You eliminate the enemies and complete the objective. But it was at the end of the level where MW3 really shined. Once disposed of the submarine the player embarked on a boat in a bid to escape. It’s this part of the game which really gets your heart pumping. As you are navigating around killing enemies boats and ships are blowing up and sinking only a few feet away, missiles are flying overhead into the Manhattan buildings. As you’re leaving the level the high amount of detail in the level comes into play. Buildings have debris falling from it, steel pylons and girders stick out from buildings with gaping holes in them from the missile assault. All looks wonderful in 60 frames.

But that was only a small chunk of what we saw. Enter Spec Ops.

Spec Ops is back in MW3 and boasts a new mode called wave defence. Similar to Zombie mode from the Tryarch COD games, wave defence enlists two players to go a far as they can against waves of enemy soldiers. As we started we only had a pistol to our name to defeat the first wave of enemies but there after you could pick up the enemy weapons and make it easier.

Interwoven into this Spec Ops mode is the ability to buy items that will help you defeat the waves of enemies. As you defeat enemies you earn money which can be shared with your partner to purchase guns, secondary weapons and killstreaks. Buy-able includes a full arsenal of different weapons from the MP5 to the ACR, the better the gun the more expensive. All weapons can be customised with your usual red dot sight or holographic sight to name a few and really adds strategy when playing with a partner. Second comes the secondary items. These include grenades, claymores, semtex but this area also offers tactical options in the form of a turret to name one which of course can be placed and moved anywhere across the map. The third area of purchase is the killstreaks. These are your usual predator missile, air strike and a unique one where you can call in AI controlled back up which look like a SWAT team which stay on the map until they all die. All of these three areas are available a different points in the map and can be used to purchase stuff at any-time.

Enemies in Spec Ops are varied. During most waves you’ll encounter your usual soldier. As you get further the game will throw different enemy types at you. Juggernaughts, attack helicopters, suicide bombers and dogs are on the list to name a few. And yes, some enemies will need team work to defeat in a timely manner that will result in further progress.

Modern Warfare 3 is shaping up to be a solid shooter with a wealth of re-play value in Spec Ops and multiplayer with a campaign mode that isn’t one to forget. Battlefield 3 will have to be at the top of its game to beat this soldier. Modern Warfare 3 launches November 8 on 360, PS3 and PC.

You can pre-order Modern Warfare 3 from Shopto here (PS3), here (PC) and here (Xbox 360).

Edited On 20 Jul, 2011

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