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ShopToNews readers letters

Following the success of August’s Reader Letters feature we are now calling for you to send us some more for September.

Although we have forums, comment boxes and other means of communication on the internet, nothing seems to quite capture the unique nature of the readers letters section of the magazines, therefore we are continuing to bring readers letters to the internet with ShopToNews Readers Letters.

We are blatantly using the same format, therefore you simply email us your letters and we’ll respond. We’ll also choose a letter of the month / fortnight depending on how popular the feature is (we may even be able to provide a prize, you never know).

If you have ever read a gaming magazine then you already know what to do, and if not have a look at last month’s letters to see what everyone else wrote.

So what are you waiting for? Send your letter to editorial@shopto.net with the title readers letters.

We await your thoughts on anything gaming related.


  • If you want to be eligible for a prize then you must have a forum ID.
  • You have until August 21st to submit your letters, the feature will go live the following week.

Edited On 26 Aug, 2011

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