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No multiplayer for Darksiders 2

In what is great news to me personally, Darksiders 2 will not include any form of multiplayer, leaving the developers to concentrate on getting the best out of the single player experience.

Speaking in a recent interview with IGN, Director Marvin Donald told the site that if the studio had the resources and money to include online features it would have included before now.

“When we put together the pitch for Darksiders 1, we wanted it to be multiplayer then, but it’s just too much work when you’re starting a brand new studio with a new [intellectual property] and you’re building your own technology. We’re also evolving the series into more of [a role-playing game], which was something else we wanted to do from the beginning, but we just didn’t have the resources or time or money to do it the first time around and do it justice.”

As far as the future is concerned Donald explained that multiplayer may make its way into the series eventually, although again this just depends on circumstances.

“I hope the next one’s co-op, but it just depends on the resources that are available, the size of the budget and whether or not Darksiders II does well,” he explained. “There are a lot of factors that are going to drive that. It’s too soon to say.”

It’s good to see a developer committed to providing a great all round experience for the single player, rather than just tacking on a multiplayer option just for the sake of it. Many of today’s games make this mistake and pay with empty servers.

Darksiders II is released next year for PS3, PC, Xbox 360 and will also release for Wii U.

We will do everything we can to get some hands on impressions for you long before then.

Edited On 26 Jul, 2011

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