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Resident Evil Revelations preview

Resident Evil is back for another stint on the Nintendo 3DS, this time with Revelations. After the earlier 3DS title Mercenaries, Revelations goes back to the tried and true formula of traditional Resident Evil games of past. The result? A compelling horror game that puts you in familiar panic situations and keeps you on your toes from start to finish.

Revelations is set between Resident Evil games 4 and 5. The player assumes control of fan favourites Jill Valentine or Chris Redfield. The story revolves around the plot of Chris and his partner going missing in Europe and Jill is sent to investigate. But of course being Resident Evil the game throws zombies of different design with the aim of stopping you dead in your tracks. The game gives off the sense of enigma all the time. In the demo we played the level started off with Jill waking up in mansion, alone in a bedroom. This got me asking questions and implored me to explore the level and find out more.

Revelations does nothing new in terms scenarios and exploration. As the player, you’re tasked with going from room to room defeating enemies until you get to the end cut scene. The game still captures the slow pace of previous Resident Evil games, distilling the cliché ‘what’s around the corner’ vibe which forces you to tread carefully. The game tries to keep you focused all the time with random enemy attacks. Revelations does a good job giving a false sense of security; you’ll encounter empty corridors and rooms before being suddenly jumped by a zombie from the ceiling or breaking through a wall.

Gameplay is what you’d expect. Capcom have done the traditional RE stand and gun stance for Revelations. While this works very well and gives for some sticky situations, it’s a disappointment that the game doesn’t feature run and gun that other survival horrors make use of. Despite this it’s an effective solution to defeating enemies as long as they don’t get too close. When shooting you hold the R button to take out your weapon and aim with the left stick and pull the trigger with the Y button. This set-up works well but will take some time to get used to for those that are used to aiming with the L button. Weapon management is done via the 3DS’s D-Pad. Items are managed by the touch screen and makes good use of it as oppose to opening menus to equip items.

Capcom have done a good job with Revelations visuals. Backdrops feature very high detail and depth of colour with very well rendered characters and enemies. The environments do a good job of looking dark and gritty with blood splattered over walls, while there is also plenty of debris scattered everywhere. There’s no denying this game does look good.

As with any other 3DS game, Revelations uses the 3D function. The 3D effect is pretty impressive, the slow pace of Revelations makes the effect easy on the eyes and it can be easily ramped up to full effect without causing eye strain. Despite this, it might be worth playing the game with the 3D effect off. Capcom have included anti-aliasing but only when the 3D is turned off.

Revelations brings back the classic Resident Evil gameplay of old and with that brings the usual tense atmosphere. This all makes for a great survival horror game and will provide players with a new experience, thanks to the 3D function and some solid gameplay.

Resident Evil Revelations is set to launch sometime in 2012. You can pre-order your copy here.

Edited On 26 Jul, 2011

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