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Arkham City viral talks to joker

A new audio viral has been released for Batman Arkham City in which Hugo Strange interviews The Joker.

In the tape we hear a lot of back and forth in what seems to be Hugo Strange trying to make a deal with The Joker.

Have a listen below, the check out the transcription courtesy of ArkhamCity.co.uk.

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Joker: Helllooo anyone in there! No sense of humour… The strong and silent type eh? Think you’re safe behind that mask? Give me 20 minutes and a can opener, ill have you whimpering like a school girl. You might like it…

Hugo: That’s enough patient, guard leave us.

Guard: Yes sir.

Hugo: Good afternoon, my name is Professor Hugo Strange, and you are?

Joker: Two-face? Catwoman? (laughs) … Batman!

Hugo: We can play these games as long as you like.

Joker: Great! I love games!

Hugo: Not in my facility you wont, im offering you this oppertunity to make a deal, i am fully aware of your condition the last thing you have is time but i can make your final days more comfortable.

Joker: And in return i would be giving you?

Hugo: I wish to study you I need to know why you are the way you are.

Joker: (Pained voice) I dont have long doc, you’re going to need more then some psycho mumbo-jumbo to get to the bottom of whats wrong with me.

Hugo: Oh i have more then that, much more… So do we have a deal?

Edited On 27 Jul, 2011

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