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Dev: Sony did cut PS Vita RAM

Reality Fighters developer Novarama has told Develop that Sony cut the RAM in the PS Vita, although they don’t seem too fussed about it.

“No that won’t affect us, It’s actually good for developers to work under constraint,” was the response when questioned on the subject.

“Generally for Vita, we still have a whole lot of headroom in terms of GPU power, CPU power and, indeed, RAM.”

It was previously suggested that Sony had cut the RAM in the Wi-Fi Vita model by half, giving it 256MB instead of 512MB it had previously. This was all done in order for the device to compete with the price of the 3DS. The 3DS is now getting a price cut.

Sony seems to be pinning its hopes on PS Vita’s high specs and impressive features, more of which we will hear about at GamesCom next month.

The PS Vita is expected to arrive on these shores in early 2012.

Thanks, EuroGamer.

Edited On 28 Jul, 2011

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