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Fallout New Vegas: Old World Blues review

Whilst the hype machine is in full swing over Skyrim there is still plenty to do in New Vegas to bide the time. So strap on your dusty boots as you load up an old save game (preferably lvl16 and above) and join the Courier in another adventure in the new downloadable content; Old World Blues.

As with all DLC for the Fallout games, this new quest starts with a strange radio transmission, this time inviting you to a midnight movie marathon in the far southern reaches of the map. Unlike the other DLC’s, this time around you can take whatever you like with you on this new quest, but once begun, you can’t return until completion; the reasons why will become clear shortly.

Once at the drive-in, a crashed satellite beams a mysterious image on the movie screen, with further investigating of this space relic knocking you out cold and starting the DLC in earnest. Once you awake you find yourself in a surgery gown, scars all over your body and an inexplicable feeling of being heavier, with a brief rummage around your new surroundings you finally find a group of strange scientists, or what is left of them as they are just brains in jars with tv screens acting as eyes and a mouth. It seems that they have carried out some surgery on your body replacing a few vital organs, like your brains and spine and have lost them during the process, replacing them with electrical substitutes that effect your stats and offer a few new perks. After a rather long-winded and strange conversation with the scientists explaining where you are, what the Big Mountain is and their rivalry with an evil scientist, Dr Mobius, you are sent on your merry way to complete the usual fetch, defeat and talking quests, with the classic “choices” scenarios throw in for good measure.

This new DLC is set up like a huge sci-fi B-movie parody, with some great conversations to be had and a strong story, which helps as the looks are pretty much like most of the other areas from the game and don’t really offer anything original. Big MT is crammed with areas to investigate that offer plenty of side quests and secrets away from the main story, each full of enemies to fight against like other lobotomized experiments and Dr Mobius’ dreaded robo-scorpions. As with any other Fallout DLC there are plenty of new weapons and items to use and some of these are the best yet, like the Stealth Suit MKII, the Cyber Dog Gun that’s a huge machine gun and a Sonic Emitter that you can alter the frequencies with later in the game for various uses; plus the added bonus being that once completed, you can carry items back and forth from New Vegas.

A no brainer (sorry) for Fallout New Vegas fans, this DLC keeps the essence of the main game with plenty of action and humour. Old World Blues will certainly keep you hooked all the way through the new area it provides, making it easily the best of the current DLC available for the game.

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Edited On 29 Jul, 2011

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