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New Driver: San Francisco video details multiplayer

Ubisoft has released a new trailer for their upcoming Driver reboot, Driver: San Francisco, this time giving us a look at the game’s multiplayer component and the different game modes available.

Single player may still be a big part of the game, but Ubisoft Reflections have put a lot of work into the game’s online multiplayer as it’s the perfect place for the game’s shift mechanic, which lets you take control of any car on the map, within a certain radius.

We recently got to visit Ubisoft Reflections in Newcastle, where we had the chance to go hands on with the game, as well as chat to creative director Martin Edmondson.

You can watch the trailer below, thanks to VG247, before preparing for the game’s September release. You can pre-order a copy for Xbox 360, PS3, PC or Wii, by following one of the links.

Edited On 01 Aug, 2011

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