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Nintendo Ambassador program detailed

During the reduce announcement that Nintendo will be cutting the price of their portable console, 3DS, they announced that there would be a program to support previous buyers of the console.

The program will be offered to all users of the Nintendo eShop on 3DS if they access it before the 23:59 on the 11th of August. Once you have accessed the store,from the 1st of September you will have access to 10 downloadable games from a list for free. These games include: Super Mario Bros., Donkey Kong Jr., Balloon Fight, Ice Climber and The Legend of Zelda; all will be available to Ambassador’s before the general public.

In addition, Nintendo state that ‘by the end of 2011′ Ambassador’s will have exclusive access to Yoshi’s Island: Super Mario Advance 3, Mario Kart: Super Circuit, Metroid: Fusion, WarioWare, Inc.: Minigame Mania and Mario vs. Donkey Kong. These games will not be available to the general public.

For futher information on the program have a look at Nintendo’s website found here.

Edited On 03 Aug, 2011

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