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PlayStation Vita clears FCC testing

Engadget are reporting that Sony’s PlayStation Vita has recently cleared FCC testing, meaning it might be releasing sooner than we think.

If you’re not aware, FCC testing is usually considered the final stage of an electronic device’s production, which means it’s the final hurdle a product has to pass before it’s shipped out to retailers. In the US, at least.

We’ve been hearing a fair bit about an Autumn 2011 releases for the device, despite earlier reports suggesting that it wouldn’t hit some territories until early 2012, and this is just one more piece of evidence that suggests we might be seeing the handheld device sooner rather than later.

Either way, Sony haven’t given an official release date yet and we wont get ourselves too excited until they do. We’ll bring you more info regarding the machine’s release, as we get it.

Edited On 03 Aug, 2011

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