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Details emerge for new Bungie title

Bungie today confirmed that it’s new game is currently entitled project ‘Tiger,’ while showing off a logo and possibly even the first screenshot from the game.

The news comes from Bungie’s 20th anniversary video titled “O Brave New World,” which speaks about both the past and future of the developer.

Interestingly in the video, the one of the studio staff talks briefly about the game, giving a little insight into what we might expect.

“You feel responsible for not just telling an isolated story, but for building a universe that at some point is going to become more the fans’ than it is ours. It’s going to take a life of its own.”

The video also shows us what may very well be the first screenshot from the game, (although this has not been confirmed), as well as a familiar logo, which was actually first seen in May when dummy corporation Podophobia Entertainment filed a trademark for Destiny. Interestingly this same logo was also worn on a shirt by Bungie staffer Johnathan Barnes at a Penny Arcade Event.

You can check out the screens, and the video below courtesy of Gamespot.

Edited On 04 Aug, 2011

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