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SCEE announces PSN PLAY

Sony has announced PlayStation Network PLAY, a new annual service that allows players to receive some goodies by pre-ordering games on the PlayStation Store.

The PSN PLAY program starts on August 10th and runs through to September 20. During this time, gamers can pre-order one of the four games from the PLAY line-up.

Each pre-order will bag you a free PS3 theme and a separate gift. On top of that, PS Plus subscribers will be entitled to an automatic 20% off each order and pre-ordering all four titles from the line-up will net you a free download of PAYDAY: The Heist.

The line-up for the program is as follows:

  • August 24 – Street Fighter III Third Strike Online Edition PLAY purchases who order Street Fighter III will gain access to Gill , without having to beat the game with every character, as day-one DLC. Street Fighter III will set you back €14.99 and will be available to pre-order until August 18.
  • August 31 – The Baconing If you pre-order The Baconing through PLAY you’ll receive an exclusive co-op character, Roesha. This one will be available to pre-order until August 25 and will cost €12.99.
  • September 7 – BloodRayne: Betrayal Priced at €12.99, pre-ordering BloodRayne: Betrayal will net you a BloodRayne item for your PlayStation Home Avatar and an exclusive dynamic theme. You’ll be able to pre-order the game until September 1.
  • September 4 – Renegade Ops Pre-ordering Renegade Ops through PLAY and you’ll receive a Vehicle & Character Pack, giving you access to two new vehicles and special weapons. It’ll cost you €12.99 and will be available to pre-order until September 9.

As mentioned before, if you pre-order all four of the above titles, you’ll receive a voucher code for a free download of PAYDAY: The Heist, which can also be pre-ordered separately starting September 21.

Edited On 05 Aug, 2011

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