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First Borderlands 2 details emerge

The first batch of Borderlands 2 details, which apparently come from the latest issue of Game Informer, have been posted on the Gearbox forums.

The magazine’s Borderlands 2 feature reveals that co-op will remain a four player affair. As previously reported, the new playable characters will all be unfamiliar. One of these is Salvador, the Gunzerker, whose special ability allows him to dual-wield any weapon.  We’ve also learnt that the characters from the original game will make an appearance as NPCs. As you may expect, Claptrap will be making a return as well.

Despite having an army of new characters at your disposal, you’ll be leveling them up in the same way, with the three branch system from the first game making a comeback.

The game will feature all-new weapons, manufactured my various fictional corporations. The weapons of each manufacturer will have their own unique styling. Vehicles are also being tweaked slightly and Gearbox have promised that there’ll be more variety this time around. One of these will be known as the ‘Bandit Technical’, while another will have four seats.

Gearbox are also throwing some more variety into the enemies, as well as greatly improving the AI of NPCs. Enemies will interact with eachother and Bandits will have access to their own weaponry. Non-Playable characters will be interacting with the world a whole lot more, as well.

One of the biggest changes to come from the magazine is the addition of dynamic missions. If you’ve got a certain goal to achieve, but fail, missions and story will adjust to suit your failure.

A new element, known as Eridium, will be available to players in-game. While it wont serve as a weapon, it will enhance the performance of other elements, as well as acting as a currency.  You’ll also find pickups, that have temporary buffs, around the world.

Thanks, Gamenyusu.

Edited On 07 Aug, 2011

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