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RAGE takes up 22gb, if you choose 360 install

Planning to install RAGE on your Xbox 360′s hard drive? Well in that case you better have 22gb free because that’s how much room it requires.

Speaking during QuakeCon, id Software’s John Carmack has been explaining how the developer managed to squeeze the game onto the disc, and out of this talk came some rather interesting information.

“On the 360 we don’t have a partial install option; it’s all or nothing, which is kind of unfortunate,” he said. “This means you have to install 21/22GB of stuff which takes a long time but if you’ve got it and you play it on the 360 that’s the way to go.”

If you have read our recent RAGE preview then you will know that this has the makings of a great title, so maybe 22GB is worth the space.

RAGE is slated for release on October 7th, 2011. You can pre-order here (360), here (PS3) and here (PC).

Edited On 08 Aug, 2011

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