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Bring Back…… X-Wing

Bring Back is a new ShopToNews feature in which we look at old games or franchises and tell you why we would love to see either new versions or an HD remake brought to consoles now.

In this first article, Joe our talks about why he would like to see the Star Wars X-Wing series of games make a return.

Bring Back …… X-Wing

Even though I had played many games before X-Wing came along, many of them classics, none quite left an impression on me like X-Wing did.  In my personal opinion, this was a title well ahead of its time, thanks to some fantastic features and a whole load of incentives to ensure that you kept playing.

One of my fondest memories of X-Wing was actually the sense of achievement that you would get from completing each mission. It was fantastic completing missions and then being rewarded with medals and an increase in rank. This and the fantastic feeling of flying an X-Wing was all the incentive you needed to keep playing for hours on end.

The main premise in X-Wing was to help with salvage, gathering intelligence, blast the imperial forces out of space and tackle a little thing called the Death Star. Expansion packs added more to the game, with both Imperial Pursuit and B-Wing, seeing you looking for a new base after the rebels managed to take the Death Star out.

Thinking back, the action in X-Wing was fantastic. It was definitely more of a simulation than any other Star Wars title, putting you in your fighter and keeping you there for the whole game, while also allowing you to take control of your guns and shields, as well as giving commands to your wingmen. In this respect though, surely that’s what Star Wars was all about anyway, who didn’t enjoy the dogfights the most anyway?

One of the best aspects of the action was how it started out slow, building your skill up slowly, before throwing you straight into the thick of the action, with enemy ships screaming past your ears, and the trademark laser sounds and the screaming noise from the ships bringing an authentic experience that has not been repeated in any Star Wars games since.

Anyone who knows this series, will know that other games were also released, TIE Fighter was the next game to arrive, putting you in control of the Imperial Alliance and offering gameplay similar to that of X-Wing. Another title, the first to introduce multiplayer for the series, was X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter, although this was probably the most disappointing of the lot given that there was no story, until a later expansion pack rectified this and made the experience a lot better.

Chances of remake:

The last time we heard anything in respect of a remake, was regarding X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter in 2009, with LucasArts company president Daniel Rodriguez saying, “We don’t have any announcements now, but stay tuned, we will soon.” Since then though there has been nothing, and even still, we would prefer the original to be remade, or at least a new game to be developed which captures the story and spirit of the original, with some multiplayer thrown in.

Will it happen though? Well much like other remakes, this depends on you, the paying public. Over the years fans have glamoured for games, and generally if the demand is high enough, it happens. We just hope someone takes note of our request, because there is nothing that we would like to see more than X-Wing being reborn.

Check out some gameplay below, it may not look like much, but believe us when we say it’s fantastic.

So what game would you like to see remade? Why not send us an article telling us why you would like to see your favourite game of the past come back? Send your article to editorial@shopto.net and we will publish the best once a week.

Edited On 08 Aug, 2011

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