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Spooktacular spectacular!

Are you sitting comfortably? Then you probably won’t be playing Fatal Frame IV then, which promises to be as much of a brown trouser fest as the previous three. To be honest, I’d only just got over the first one, released here on the good old PS2 and Xbox as Project Zero. Boy, was that scary.

For all of you out there who remain innocently unaware of the Fatal Frame phenom, the premise usually goes along the lines of ‘strange abandoned village cursed by the consequences of dark shinto ritual, now haunted by a legion of ghosts, and it is up to you to 1) clear up the mystery and 2) clear up the ghosts using your… trusty camera?’ Surely some mistake? I mean, had they run out ouf positron throwers and holy water? Oh. It seems that this is not how we roll here.

Yes, the camera, or Camera Obscura to give it its full title, is a device that captures the soul of the ghost, rendering it harmless, but this does mean that you need to take a photo of the ghost… usually at it’s most terrifying… to capture it. I mean, who wouldn’t be terrified by a screaming woman coming at you out of a wall. Still gives me the shudders.

The Wii controls allow you to point and click the camera as well as move the torch around… yes, you’ll be wandering around in the dark in a place full of angry ghosts armed with only a camera and a torch. Pack an extra pair of pants, I say.

Look, you may not yet be convinced or think that the Wii is no place for a ‘mature’ game, but think of this: everyone loves a good scare now and again, and I can honestly tell you that Project Zero was the only game that I couldn’t play on my own. Or at night. Actually, is this a good idea?

Watch this space for more details… but keep the lights on, if I were you…

Edited On 20 Jan, 2011

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