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Motorstorm Apocalypse update allows create and share

Sony has announced a new update for Motorstorm Apocalypse, allowing you to create and share.

The new update, which is free, includes a new Mode Editor which allows you to create your own game modes within the MotorStorm template and then play them straight away with other players (online and offline).

In addition, you can now customise and share your vehicle designs with your friends via motorstorm.com, and download any that you like the look of from the website to apply to any of the vehicles in your collection.

Steering wheel and PlayStation Move support has also been added, allowing you to take part in the action with more realistic steering. Finally the update also includes additions and improvements such as; new racer ‘clan tags’, changes to gambling (bets are now won when a rival is disconnected or disqualified), and changes to lobby privacy (so that private rooms can only be joined by invitation).

This sounds like a fantastic update, although you can’t download it just yet because the PS Network is down for maintenance tonight.

Make sure you download it first thing tomorrow though.

Edited On 11 Aug, 2011

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