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Bring Back….Crash Bandicoot

One of the very first PlayStation games I can remember playing was the first Crash Bandicoot. Ever since that moment he has been one of my favourite characters to date. To me, Crash is to the PSX, what Halo is to the Xbox and Mario to Nintendo, the character that made the console what it is. Although, yes, I do agree there are other great characters such as: Rayman, Croc, Spyro and many more. Yet in my personal opinion Crash is the one that comes out on top.

Crash Bandicoot was really in the initial wave of the 3D character based action-platform genre. The story revolves around the simple premise; that there’s a bad guy and you’re the good guy. Therefore, you have to stop the bad guy accomplishing world domination. Taking this simple premise the world of Crash Bandicoot was created, with you “Crash” a mutated creature fighting against your evil creator “Doctor Neo Cortex” a mad scientist shunned from the scientific community.

Doctor Neo Cortex is trying to create an army out of animals found on several islands south of Australia. Using the “Evolvo Ray” to mutate these animals he selects a Bandicoot to be the leader of his army. After a period of time in captivity Crash makes friends with Tawna, a female bandicoot. He then plans to escape, cleaning up the pollution Cortex has caused and saving the girl.

On paper this game seems to be another run of the mill action game with you running around smashing things and saving damsels in distress. Yet the game turned out to be something so much more than that. With the combination of a cool character, an evil boss and some interesting level designs Crash bandicoot shot to the top.

Reviews of the game were very favourable, with most comments focused on the graphics being ‘colourful and detailed’ and ’100% perfection’.  Although some comments did revolve around the inability to move the camera, the intensive running and jumping scenes makes it all worth it.

Although, Crash Bandicoot has had a long line of sequels and spins offs, it will always be the first game that will stick in my mind. With the simple but effective storyline and ease to pick up and just play. Most modern games usually require an introduction level to allow the player to get used to the controls, where as Crash, is simply ‘here is your character, have fun’.

I think the Crash Bandicoot we saw in the first game, needs to come back, because the experience of being immersed in a world where things don’t have to go “boom!” every five seconds or where a blazing gun may as well be the soundtrack to the game needs to be witnessed by all gamers. Crash will always be that great character, who even if you’re not following the story the challenge of the missions is enough to satisfy anyone. Finally who could ever forget that little dance Crash did when you finished a level.

Edited On 14 Aug, 2011

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