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Cannon Fodder 3 on it’s way. Sort of.

Many classic gaming franchises have been given a fresh lick of paint over recent years. Everything from classics like Bionic Commando to more cult favourites such as Alien Breed have been brought kicking and screaming up to date, with varying degrees of success.

The Amiga fans among you will no doubt want to run to the top of the nearest hill, take a lung full of air and shout for joy when you hear that Sensible Software’s contraverial classic Cannon Fodder is going to get a sequel, a full seventeen years after Cannon Fodder 2.

For those unfamiliar with the franchise, Cannon Fodder is a top-down miltary shooter. You guide a small squad of soldiers on a variety of deceptively simple missions. Your objectives started simple, “Kill all enemy” and “Destroy all enemy buildings”, but as the game progressed you’d start using grenades and rockets, and there were even vehicle sections. Any of your squad killed in battle would be immortalised with a cross on the inter-level menus, and a roll call of those lost in battle was presented after each stage. The game managed to balance respect for the subject matter with dark, satirical humour. It also had a fantastic intro featuring photographs of the developers and a theme tune complete with actual singing (believe me, it was jaw dropping at the time). It was one of the best games the Amiga had in it’s library. The sequel was essentially more of the same, but added interstellar combat too. You’d have to play it.

All fell silent after that, however, and although talk of a sequel being in development has arisen every few years, there has been nothing concrete until now.

Codemasters have confirmed that they have granted a license to develop a new sequel to Russian developer GFI. Details are thin on the ground at the moment, but a release on XBOX 360 and PC seem likely.

The press release suggests that a style of the original game will be kept, with the game taking an isometric viewpoint, with destructable landscapes and new weather and water effects. There is even a hint that some of the more extraterrestrial terrains from Cannon Fodder 2 may make a return.

It all sounds very promising, except for one very small point we must mention…

Whilst Codemasters confirm that they have granted a license to GFI, they say are not currently attached to the project and have no plans to release the game in Europe.

It sounds like the developers are trying to stay true to the spirit of the original game, based on the little information we have so far.

Here’s hoping we get a chance to play it!

Edited On 21 Jan, 2011

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